The Ultimate Guide to Creating Business Cards that Actually Help you Win More Business Part 01

The purpose of this blog series is to assist you in the design and creation of a business card that will get real results in the form of increase effectiveness throughout the sales process. It will cover crucial design elements, the psychology and philosophy of direct human interaction and what actions you can take to ensure that your team’s business cards don’t end up being regarded as just another piece of paper to be discarded.

Designing your Business Card

When designing a business card, there are many components to consider.

The main ones are – Design, Branding, Durability, Sales Process

Business card design is often judged by the easy to understand yet pointless, “does it look good?” Of course, if business communication were simple as creating things that looked good, and as a result revenues increased, graphic designers would be the highest paid members of any organisation. But, the reality is quite different and when going through the design process, the journey a prospect takes from receiving a card to making a purchase should be a priority.

It is staggering the number of organisations that create business cards and other promotional material without considering the sales process and through this reduce the effectiveness of what should be a useful tool.

– How will this card be used by various departments? Procurement, sales, senior executive teams…

– What is the action that each team expects from handing over the business card? Further enquiries on the website, direct communication with the company, subscription…

Without understanding these two components, business card design will have no strategy in mind beyond being aesthetically pleasing.

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