How to Develop a Sales Process Based on Relationships Part 02

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Understanding the Problem, and its Implication

This is why relationships are so important. Average salespeople tend to generalise too much. Industry problems are identified, and with a problem in their arsenal, a ‘spray and pray’ approach is adopted as discussed previously. Without gaining an understanding of how either solving or not solving the problem will impact on the prospect, any approaches will sound cheesy, or at the very least, weak.

“Many People in your Industry are Experiencing X”

By generalising, the sales person has reduced themselves to the status of a peddler, selling his wares on the street to whoever is listening. A top salesperson will look to move on from an industry based understanding to an organisational problem and then finally the impact of the problem on certain members of the business.

Industry, Organisational and Business Problems

Industry Problems

Industry problems are generic issues experienced by a specific industry. These are the problems used by salespeople to reach out to a large number of contacts in a specific industry. Sometimes this is highly effective, if the timing is right then the organisation is experiencing this issue. If not, however, it can demonstrate a lack of awareness on the part of the salesperson or the organisation.

Importantly, industry problems are assumptive and not predicated on research or science.

Organisational Problems

Organisational problems are issues directly experienced by the target organisation. Using research, the salesperson has already determined that an organisation is experiencing a specific problem and as a result, can tailor their offering to suit that specific issue.

Organisational problems are based on research and assumption.

Business Problems

Business problems are organisational issues that have been adequately researched to a point where the salesperson knows who is experiencing the problem most significantly within the organisation. Using this, the salesperson can reach out to an individual or team and learn more about how the problem itself is impacting upon them, and potentially how the salesperson’s solution can assist in solving the problem.

Business problems are based upon research and robust relationships.

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