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Printing and binding

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Your printed marketing materials and corporate publications communicate your brand values and ideals to everyone who sees them. It’s important that they’re finished and bound to a professional standard that echoes your approach to business. Documents that fall apart, or are difficult to flick through, just don’t hit the mark.

At Huxbury, we understand what our customers need, and offer a wide range of printing and binding services to ensure we always get it right. Our bookbinding and finishing services can accommodate product sizes from A6 up to landscape A3, with glossy, matte, textured and embossed options available. We are happy to print any size of run, offering spiral, saddle stitching, PUR and sewn bindings so you have ultimate flexibility.

What kind of printed products can we help you create?

From a 16-page proposal to a one-page report, we can do it all.

Corporate reports: Whether in-house only or externally facing, your corporate reports must be professional and sleek. Incorporating your brand guidelines, we’ll provide a finished product that you’re proud to have on display.

Catalogues: Perhaps you want to create a catalogue of the products you sell, or books that detail a particular project you’ve recently worked on. We can produce books up to A3 landscape in size and with any type of binding.

Training and corporate manuals: Your in-house manuals need to be long-lasting and durable so that you can use them for years to come. Anything you produce externally must reflect the quality of your courses and training, presenting the right image to your customer base. With a variety of paper stocks, binding options and print finishes, we can help you achieve the look you want.

Informational posters: There are some things that need to be communicated quickly and clearly, whether it be details of your next event, or key health and safety information. We can print any size of poster to suit your requirements, assist with branding and design, as well as help you deliver and distribute.

Corporate diaries: Especially popular with our education sector clients, we work your branding and custom information into diary format. You choose the colour and size, as well as whether it’s day or week-to-view format and we do the rest.

Machinery safety tags: You may have manufacturing equipment that needs an important safety message attached. We can print directly onto synthetic material tags to ensure your team always stay safe.

What types of binding are there?

Saddle stitching: A cost-effective option, great for a magazine finish as well as small catalogues or event programmes, involving heavy-duty staples along the spine.

Perfect binding: Offering a more premium finish, pages are glued to the spine or cover, similar to a paperback book. Perfect binding is a popular choice for corporate or annual reports.

Section sewing: For a durable, long-lasting finish, section sewing involves stitching pages together, before gluing them to the spine to keep them extra secure.

Wire or spiral binding: Perfect for easy-to-flick through training manuals or documentation as well as notebooks, wire and spiral binding maintains a professional feel for high-use items.

How to choose the perfect print finish

How your printed materials look and feel is down to the finish. Depending on your market and the impression you want to give, you might opt for something sleek and smooth, or funky and textured.

Laminated: A great idea for places that can get messy like school classrooms or cafes, laminated products are easy to wipe clean and are water resistant. They can be matte or gloss finish, and give your design a little more protection from accidental tears.

Glossy (or Satin Glossy): A glossy finish is both decorative and protective. Depending on the style you prefer, we can ensure the gloss is almost invisible to the eye but still creates a smooth, sleek finish. Alternatively, a spot UV gloss allows you to make sure your logo, business name or other key information is the bit that shines the most.

Embellished: Make your design stand out with an embellished finish. Foiling to highlight names or crests is a popular option, as is embossing – where the surface is slightly raised to create a three-dimensional design. It’s particularly impressive on high-use items like business cards that are there to make an impression.

Textured or recycled stock: Move away from the standard corporate look with a textured or recycled finish. With textured designs, the end product feels more rustic and organic, while recycled stock looks modern and stylish.

Uncoated: Uncoated paper lets the words do the talking. Especially useful for documents your audience are going to spend lots of time reading, an uncoated stock is simple but effective.

Whatever size, shape, look or feel you have in mind, we’re here to help you create the perfect product. Get in touch with your ideas today.


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