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Integrated Procurement and Print Management

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At Huxbury we understand that you need a simple, flexible and fast way to manage your corporate printing orders. Our fully customisable, integrated management platform allows you to order with just a few clicks, yet keep a tight control on your procurement procedures.

Benefits of Huxbury’s fully integrated print platform

  • Flexible payment processing.
  • Tight control over brand guidelines.
  • Single sign-on capability.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Integration with well-known procurement platforms such as SAP, Ariba and Coupa.
  • Rapid print turnaround times.

We’re one of the few Australian print firms with a dedicated online ordering platform. You’re not going through a third-party print management system, you’re talking directly to Huxbury’s print and integration team.

Customised integration with your existing procurement systems

As part of our custom integration with your existing procurement package, we help you streamline your print purchasing, control costs and reduce errors.

We build our print platform to suit your needs. There’s no separate printing system that’s invisible to procurement and finance managers, who have no overview of what departments are spending or what types of contracts are in place.

Users see the status of their orders, payments and inventory levels through your familiar, overarching procurement procedures. Budget holders and key executives keep tabs on the entire company’s print expenditure alongside all other purchases.

Streamlining your print requests

We adopt your branding, enable single sign-on to align with your existing systems and allow you to continue driving your business through your preferred procurement platform.

You don’t need to create and record yet another set of login details, or risk the password being shared with non-authorised employees. Huxbury’s printing platform is hassle-free from start to finish.

Set print procurement rules that work for you, such as allowing low-cost orders to go through with minimal approval, while making the process more complex for high-value items. 

Our package is scaleable and flexible, working with your business as you grow in number or adapt your procedures. User privileges are completely customisable according to your organisational structure, no matter how big your business or what changes you may make.

Authorisation procedures that support marketing and finance

Manage corporate branding

Upload brand artwork and templates to ensure every print complies with the latest corporate guidelines whether it’s business cards, brochures or large-format posters. Remove guesswork and problem orders with an authorisation process that allows your marketing managers to approve the design via high-quality, real-time proofs before finalising the order.

Keep control of departmental budgets

As we’re integrated with your existing procurement platform, it’s easy to loop in other budget holders. Not only is everyone who needs to give their authorisation involved, they can see how your project sits with other departmental expenditure. Finance managers can reconcile expenditure as normal, viewing new, in progress and complete orders all through your usual system, and alongside other departmental purchases.

Language translation for global collaboration

Our web to print portal operates in over 60 languages including Braille for a solution that supports global businesses as well as those in Australia. Users can even translate orders without any additional charge so they can properly approve orders no matter which international office is involved.

A corporate printing service that works with you

Flexible payment options

We designed our online print platform to make life easy. You can choose from a number of payment processing options, including credit card payments or purchase orders. We’ll ship on your order number or ours, and you can set up cost centres to make your financial reporting simple. When speed is the name of the game, you benefit from our 24 or 48-hour production options.

Customer support services

You get access to ongoing customer support, with both a dedicated account manager and account executive available to help. We also have a customer service team ready to provide immediate responses to urgent queries. However, we know our online ordering system is so simple, you’ll hardly need any training, let alone regular support.

If it’s the design you’re stuck with, make use of our in-house graphic design team who are here to make sure your print job comes out exactly as you planned.

Integrating with Huxbury’s online print portal

We’ve been in the print business for over 20 years. We have the long-term experience you need with to ensure your materials reflect your company values combined with the latest technology to support both order and delivery functions.

Working with your IT and procurement teams, we’ll scope out how we’ll integrate with your existing system and share access throughout your company as quickly as possible. We offer:

  • A thorough and collaborative planning process.
  • A comprehensive testing stage before rolling the system out to all your users.
  • Initial and ongoing training and support.
  • An in-depth review process to ensure our system works for you now, and as your business grows.

To talk about how Huxbury can help you streamline and manage your print orders, while delivery high-quality goods with a fast turnaround, contact our team today.

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